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Created by the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame, is the home for storytelling that promotes the power of amateur football. Features focus on the stories that evoke the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, competitive zeal, character building and the drive for academic excellence that exemplifies many of the young men who play football and the families who support them.

You can have all the physical and mental talent in the world but unless you have the right direction in life — i.e.. choosing to be a person of character — that talent is for naught because you are either going to lift up or tear down those around you. C-Force goes beyond identifying what character is for the individual. Our goal is for the person to take ownership in their development and transform themselves to be a force of character.™ is the home of energy, innovation, and distractions. With useful, unique, and entertaining content covering Science, Tech, Entertainment and Money. Our mission is to create an online destination for ambitious, in-the-know Millennials (Thrivers) looking to live successful, meaningful lives.